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Connectivity is central to Wire Group, which is why we would like to keep you informed of the latest developments and we are excited to start the conversation on various topics related to the core of Wire Group.


7 December 2023

Innovations to future proof the Private Equity model When starting in the Impact investing or Lees meer…

Impact investing in bonds

25 September 2021

NEW THEME PAPER Making impact as a bondholder In collaboration with Triodos Investment Management we Lees meer…

Impact Measurement, or ‘Regeneration Verification’

18 May 2021

Last week I was on the panel in a webinar ‘Impact investing beyond intention and Lees meer…

New Home for Wire Group – the Home of Conscious Wealth

18 May 2021

As of September 1st Wire Group is moving! We will be moving into the former Lees meer…

Especially now, investors expressly opt for sustainable impact

12 May 2020

Wire Private Markets Fund attracts € 25 million The new impact fund Wire Private Markets Lees meer…

Reaching out in times of Corona

21 March 2020

Dear all, In these turbulent times of Corona, we would like to address some words Lees meer…

My Journey towards Conscious Wealth

20 December 2019

A short blog, to share some of my thoughts, questions and to give an update Lees meer…

New imperative for leaders: competence and conscience

17 October 2016

Godelieve Spaas, founder of Wire Group, got interviewed by The Huffington Post for her doctoral Lees meer…


We enjoy sharing what inspires us on our impact journey.

Books & Reports


Green Swans: The Coming Boom In Regenerative Capitalism ~ John Elkington


Donut Economy ~ Kate Raworth


Catalyzing Wealth for Change ~ Dr. Julia Balandina Jaquier

de gouden rugzak

De gouden rugzak, handboek voor vermogende families ~ Raimund Kamp


T100: Insights from Impact Advisors and Consultants, Toniic


We feel connected with organisations that - like ourselves - work towards creating a values-driven economy that consciously contributes to people’s well being throughout their lives, while being in harmony with nature, culture and society.