Impact Investing

Wire Investments assists with building up an impact investment portfolio. If you want to make your entire current portfolio more sustainable or wish to allocate a part of your portfolio to impact investments, we offer a professional team and a wide range of services to help you accomplish this.

We start from your interests and preferences, as established in your Impact Passport, and we look at the entire spectrum of investment and impact categories.

1 | Wire Private Markets Fund

Wire Private Markets Fund (WPMF) is a convenient and professionally managed solution for private investors and foundations to invest their wealth consciously. WPMF will invest in an internationally diversified portfolio of 10-15 of the best impact funds that contribute to regeneration of natural and human capital while generating an attractive financial return.

With Regeneration as our core strategy, WPMF will among others, invest in the following sectors:
• Sustainable food & agriculture                               • Clean energy
• Access to healthcare                                               • Water & sanitation
• Education                                                                   • Conservation

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160304 Portfolio scan - brochure

2 | Portfolio scan

We provide insight into how your current portfolio looks when looking through an impact lens’. We analyse how the investments in the portfolio score when using environment, social and ‘governance’ criteria, what themes the current portfolio represents and what impact investments have already been made.

The portfolio scan provides guidance and helps you to think about the implementation of your impact investment strategy.

3 | Investment support

Wire Group can act as a ‘director’ to supervise the investing process and, when necessary, coordinate special services. We can support you with valuating investments and negotiating the investment conditions and the way in which the impact of an investment is measured and reported. After the investor has indicated a commitment to invest to the party offering the investment, Wire Group can give you peace of mind during the investing process by ensuring that you are presented with the right documents to sign at the right moment. By calling in external consultants, we can also support you when it comes to drafting the investment contracts and determining the tax and legal structure of an investment.

Theme analysis

4 | Theme analysis

We delve deeper into a theme and, in a structured manner, analyse the problems within this theme, the solutions that are available, which solutions will have the greatest positive impact and we give examples of investments that capitalise on these solutions. For example