Investing in Regeneration

Wire Private Market Fund (WPMF) provides a convenient and professionally managed
solution for private investors and foundations to invest their wealth consciously. WPMF
started investing in 2020 and has build-up an internationally diversified portfolio of the best
impact funds that contribute to regeneration of natural and human capital while generating an
attractive financial return.

With EUR 68m AUI (Assets under Impact) the Wire Private Markets fund is closed for new investors. The fund has invested in 9 leading impact funds, currently consisting over 140 impact companies. With a final allocation of 12 funds, it will have invested in over 200 companies, diversified by geography, sectors and investment stages.

*The best example of regeneration is found in nature, more specifically with threes that have the unique ability to return water and nutrients to the soil in times of drought or scarcity of energy. 


I want to make professional impact investing in a simple way, is it possible?

Multiple value approach

With all our funds we strive towards creating multiple value for our investors, with regards to the Wire Private Markets Fund its as follows:

Impact return: All our investments have a net positive impact, we strive towards a 2.0x IMM Scorecard (Impact multiple of money). This means that for every Euro investment we will strive towards creating 2 Euro's of impact. Achieving this goals and setting up the methodology is ambitious, we believe this is also for allows us to contribute towards the eco-system of impact funds and investors. 50% of our carried interest is dependent on achieving our impact goal.

Financial renturn: Besides impact return we aim for a good financial return between 7-10% net for our investors.

Personal growth: It is our purpose to create conscious wealth and raise awereness. With our investors we aim for this by organising events, sharing our information/findgins and always being open for dialog with our investors.

Ready to join our Conscious Wealth journey...

Are you curious? Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or are you interested in our fund? We like to get acquainted. This can be done by phone but having a cup of coffee or taking a walk together is of course also possible.


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