Venturing for impact

together, we make your assets 

What drives us?


Wire Group wants to work towards creating a values-driven economy that consciously contributes to people’s well being throughout their lives, while being in harmony with nature, culture and society.

We were founded in 2010 with a view to actively help making the Impact Investing sector in the Netherlands more professional and accessible. It is our dream that, 10 years from now, Impact Investing will no longer exist because sustainability will have become an integral part of our economic and social system.

The name Wire is motivated by the realisation that we can only create this from a place of genuine solidarity with ourselves and with each other.



Making your capital work

for you and for the world

We familiarise you with the world of Impact Investing. Wire Group offers a broad range of activities and networks to optimally facilitate your journey to making a greater impact. We view ourselves as both a handbook and a guide. If you wish, we can take the work off your hands. Using our knowledge and experience, we guide you towards the best path to making the impact you seek – one that is unique!

What others say about Wire Group

Working with Wire Group, we have taken enormous steps over a period of three years to transition from donating money to social investing. As a result of their excellent support, we have made the desired change from being an active committee to being a professionally organised Public Benefit foundation (ANBI) with clear goals and resources

Jan Kornelis van Oord

In a warm and professional manner, Wire Group has helped our family find a work method that optimally serves our ambitions with respect to finding purpose, making an impact and yielding financial returns.

Ad van der Sluijs

What we offer



Wire Academy  
offers a wide range of training & courses oriented towards both the novice and the (more) experienced impact investor.



Wire Ignition
is specialised in tailor-made pathways for clients that want to make a start or start over with Impact Investing.



Wire Investments  
supports clients with building up an investment portfolio based on their personal vision of making an impact.



Wire Community
facilitates network and knowledge development from the perspective of a holistic vision of society and the economy.

About us

Together we have profound practical and research experience in the field of impact investing, M&A, VC/PE, social entrepreneurship, impact measurement and sustainability.

Wire Group acts profesionally in a personal manner and we are guided by principles such as transparency, co-creation, high quality and mutual enjoyment


 Rutger Schreuder

Portfolio- and Compliance Manager


 Tera Terpstra

Founder, Investor Relations and Managing Partner


 Ronald Janse

Fund Manager


 Carolien Wegener

Founder, Partner


 Bram van Andel

Intern Investment Analyst


 Michiel Lenstra

Impact Innovation and Partner


 Paul Helmsing

Investment Manager

Knowledge and Expertise



 Frits van der Have

Founder, Expert Venture Capital


 Godelieve Spaas

Founder, Expert New Economy & System Change

What questions can we answer for you?

About impact

We are pleased to keep you updated on the latest developments  

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