Investing in Planetary balance

With Wire Thrive Fund II, we strive towards restoring planetary balance, so that life on earth can thrive. We will do so by investing in funds that contribute to Human Healing and Ecosystem Healing. This translates into combining social equity and nature inclusive investing. This second fund builds on our experience of Wire Private Markets Fund I, and our ability to create a diversified portfolio of the world's leading impact funds. The Wire Thrive Fund II will focus on achieving the following outcomes, as shown below.

Based on our outcome focus the fund will invest in theme's such as Eduction, Gender equality, Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable forestry. With every investment we strive to benefit both the Eco-system healing and Human healing.

*The hummingbrid is a perfect example of thriving. Every single one of the 343 species has adjusted itself to its natural habitat en lives in symbiosis with the plants that provide for the nectar. It is an extrodanary example of how all is connected in freedom as condition to be able to thrive. 



I would like to invest towards planetary balance in a professional and conveniënt way, is that possible?

Multiple Value approach

With all our funds we strive towards creating multiple value for our investors, with regards to the Wire Thrive Fund II its as follows:

Impact return: All our investments have a net positive impact, we strive towards a 2.0x IMM Scorecard (Impact multiple of money). This means that for every Euro invested we will strive towards creating 2 Euro's of impact. Achieving this goals and setting up the methodology is ambitious. We believe this is also for allows us to contribute towards the eco-system of impact funds and investors. 100% of our carried interest is dependent on achieving our impact goal.

Financial renturn: Besides impact return we aim for a good financial return between 7-10% net for our investors.

Personal growth: It is our purpose to create conscious wealth and raise awereness. With our investors we aim for this by organising events, sharing our information/findgins and always being open for dialog with our investors.

SFDR: Transparency is a core value for Wire Group. We have an 'open door' policy and are happy to engage in conversations with investors regarding the investments we make, how we believe they contribute to 'planetary balance,' as well as the challenges and dilemmas associated with our investment strategy. Additionally, we are legally obligated to include an SFDR statement, which can be found below.

Ready to invest in planetary balance?

Are you interested or just curious to know more about our funds or specifically the Wire Thrive Fund II? We are delighted to connect and tell you more about Wire Group, our purpose and our activities.


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