Wire Academy has developed a range of programmes that focus on learning by doing

1 | Deep Dive Impact Investing

This annual 2.5-day workshop offers participants a dynamic study on Impact Investing. Impact investing comes to life by meeting with Impact entrepreneurs and experts. Members of different families and generations share their experiences and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, discuss and reflect on your own impact investing activities.

Deep Dive Impact Investment
Deep Dive Investor Circle

2 | Deep Dive Investor Circle

In follow-up to the Deep Dive workshop, the group makes a joint impact investment. Over a period of two years, the knowledge and experienced gained is put into practice based on this investment. The entire process of making an impact investment is experienced ‘live’: analysing and choosing an investment, one’s personal preferences, the considerations with respect to impact and financial returns, the type of financing, as well as monitoring and evaluation.

3 | Impact Circle

The Impact Circleis a six-month course that actively familiarises participants with the subject of Impact Investing. The programme consists of six modules that have a dynamic mix of substantive knowledge of Impact Investing, personal awareness, practical experience and making a connection with family values and history. The course is offered tailor-made and is geared towards the activities of your personal family fund.

Impact Circle
Conscious Wealth

4 | Conscious Wealth

The workshop offers a targeted opportunity to raise awareness on the matter of "being wealthy". The workshop is based on three elements: recognition, awareness and empowerment. Through theoretical and practical research of sub themes around "wealth" and different relationships to wealth, we create clarity about our own beliefs, assumptions and position. We use various working methods to explore issues from the group and to share experiences and insights. By means of reflection and mutual exchange, we help you on your way to make your position and responsibility with regard to the assets free(r).

5 | Impact Investment Trip

To get a full sense and experience of impact investing, you have to go on the road. We can organise an impact investing trip, specially tailored to you and your family, on which you can experience the different choices encountered in the real world. It is a uniquely special experience that has the added advantage of strengthening family ties.

Impact Investment Trip

6 | Events

Throughout the year, Wire Group offers a number of inspirational events that connect with our main themes: learning, inspiring, investing and meeting. With a specific theme or issue as the starting point, we offer the opportunity to expand the tools you will need for your personal impact journey in full day sessions or half-day sessions.