Wire Group has considerable experience supervising programmes tailored to the needs of entrepreneurial families, private funds and corporate foundations.

1 | Family dynamics

When searching for a joint impact investment strategy based on values, family dynamics always play a role. Especially with regard to families that still own a family business, this fact is important to recognise and acknowledge. It is difficult to take a critical look at yourself and your own family and to discern and name things that have been going on for years. Communication plays an essential role in this process. We aim to get a clear picture of how these family dynamics work so that we can take them into account and intervene when so desired. We think it is valuable for all members of the family to be seen and heard in order to make the whole family stronger, enjoyable for everyone and better prepared for the future.

Egilah- Familieopstelling met bodemankers

2 | Education focused on family capital

For children that grow up in a wealthy family, the family capital provides both opportunities and challenges. What do you do with the exceptional position you occupy because you have capital? And how do you cope with the responsibilities that come with having and maintaining capital? Sometimes the family capital can represent a burden and put pressure on family members. Within the family, attention is often given to financial training that is focused on handling the capital of the family in a sound manner. Often less attention is given to educating family members about the family capital. In our experience, Impact Investing can be a very useful ‘instrument’ to provide this education. Because Impact Investing is driven by (family) values, it is a powerful means to enter into discussion about relevant subjects such as ‘what does value mean’, ‘what would you like to contribute to the world as a family or as an individual’, and ‘how can your capital help to achieve this goal’.  At the same time, you gain practical experience with all aspects of investing. This deepens understanding and is a source of enjoyment. We would be happy to share our experiences with you to show you how to give concrete shape to this.

3 | Impact passport

Together with you, we investigate what values underlie your wish to make impact investments and how these values manifest themselves in your personal vision for impact investing. Where does the family’s heart lie? What is the family’s history and what bond exists with the family business? What does the family want to stand for and how can the capital contribute to this? Are there common themes and regions that are preferred? What is the desired risk profile and what is the Impact Investment goal? The tangible outcome of this enquiry serves as your personal, customised Impact Passport.


4 | Impact Expedition

A programme lasting a year that helps families navigate the process of Impact Investing. By making one or two investments, we enable you to see, taste, experience, learn and do. We take you on a surprising journey, starting from your heart, taking your values, vision and chosen strategy into the world of investing. Your fellow travellers are your family members, as well as (financial) experts, entrepreneurs, investors and like-minded families.