Reaching out in times of Corona

Dear all,

In these turbulent times of Corona, we would like to address some words to you. First and foremost, we hope you and the people around you are well. We are very much aware of the fact that your affirmative answer is a lot less obvious than usual.

For some, not a lot seems to have changed, at first glance. For others, life now looks dramatically different. Our hearts go out to everyone who is touched by the Corona Virus, either personally or business-wise, in sickness, loss, anxiety or uncertainty. The growing number of people affected is clearly perceptible all around. Our sincere wishes of love, connection, strength and comfort are addressed to all of them.


These times also provide – albeit enforced – a historic opportunity for marking time collectively. We’re right in the middle of it, which enables us to see things in a different light and to sense things that may have escaped our attention before. Things we’ve lost sight of or which we – perhaps unintentionally – left behind in the pace of everyday life. Things we may have dismissed from our field of vision, focused on progress, acceleration and growth. Metropolises can literally breathe again, because the smog has vanished. The water of Venice reveals the fish again. The calm generates recovery and life returns. Mother Nature’s response is speedy – a magnificent and humbling realization. It’s up to us; where will we stand when the measures will be lifted and the stage will be set for life as we knew it? What will we take with us, what will we leave behind? How will we define Before-&-After-Corona and to which actions will this lead?

The totally unexpected Corona-situation carries an open invitation for reconsideration within it. Many of us experience a deep-felt impulse to strengthen close contacts, to care, be creative and to be together, despite the command of physical distance. The economy is suffering a heavy blow, when at the same time so much social and ecological value is being created in alternative ways. Ways we were totally unaware of just a few weeks ago. Alongside Corona’s big palpable impact on all segments of society, we now also feel a growing in-depth movement which – as is commonly observed in times of crisis – leads us back to the essence: what is really important? What’s it all really about and what will lead us back to the core? Familiar questions, for as far as we’re concerned, for they are the same questions that underlie working toward a Conscious Economy. What is really valuable? How do we create an economic system that acknowledges and fundamentally legitimizes the existence of this value?


At this moment, there appear to be two speeds of living within our society. There’s a large group of people, in vital sectors such as elderly care, health care, the foodstuffs industry and retail, transport, education, enforcement etc., who are stepping up their efforts to keep our systems operational and to keep up our standard of living. We owe them a great debt of gratitude. In addition, there is a large group of people forced to slow down, due to the loss of work, customers, orders or the shutting down of theatres, sports clubs and hospitality companies. On top of that, many parents are forced to provide home schooling. This is all quite confrontational, enriching and overwhelming. Around us, we can feel the awareness slowly sinking in, that all this will probably take longer than we thought. People slowly succumb to this new reality.

Without any intention of trivializing our sympathy with all the human suffering unfolding at this moment, maybe even because of it: let us grab this collective opportunity for awareness together. In these weeks, ‘progress’ turns into ‘standstill’, ‘acceleration’ gears down to ‘deceleration’ and ‘growth’ gives way to ‘small’ and ‘close’. Let’s take this time to experience what this does to us, both individually and collectively. Let’s genuinely reconnect with ourselves, with the people around us and the planet we live on. That’s the only place from which we can possibly take a step toward a lasting transformation.

Let’s be Wired

In our view, it’s still too early to move forward and to determine. Out of respect for those who find themselves in the middle of distress, we want to postpone this much valued discussion with you until a more appropriate time. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us: we are here!

For now, be safe & let’s be wired!

Warm greetings, on behalf of the entire Wire Team

My Journey towards Conscious Wealth

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