My journey towards conscious wealth

A short blog, to share some of my thoughts, questions and to give an update about Wire Group.

First of all, I’m pretty sure that my decision to join the Wire Group almost 2 years ago has had a huge impact on my life. Having said that I enjoyed my work earlier, in doing leveraged finance transactions in a professional and ambitious environment, such as the Rabobank. However as time went by I began to miss something in my ‘results’. I started asking myself questions such as: Does my work really make me happy? Do my results really matter for me personally? How can I contribute more to the world?

After a period of searching what would suit me more, I stumbled across the term ‘Impact Investing’ through a hint from my dad. As soon as I discovered what impact investing was, I knew that this was a match. The possibility to combine professional investing, with a focus on positive impact, with all the right reasons and intentions made so much sense to me! And then I found Wire Group.

The first months at Wire Group that followed where overwhelming: not only getting used to a completely different organisation, but also seeing all the investment possibilities within the field of impact investing and getting to know what Wire Group was all about…being much more than ‘just impact investing’. I feel really fortunate about having become a part of Wire Group since last year and its recent transformation. Just to give you some insight:

We changed to focus of what we do from education, personal development and impact investing, towards Conscious Wealth. Conscious Wealth for Wire Group means ‘Deploying wealth consciously by bringing the impact of our wealth in line with our values and our vision for a more connected and balanced world’. We reformulated our purpose in the larger concept of a Conscious Economy. We decided to change our investment set-up towards a fund solution for which we are currently fundraising and we formed a new quest in which we strive for 100% conscious wealth portfolio.

We really have achieved a lot in just one year! I enjoyed the process and still get enthusiastic when I explain to people, who we are, what we do and why we do it. Because as mentioned before, what we do, just makes sense to me…but there is a flipside.

‘I don’t understand why one would choose something else’, We all see the news and the facts about how we are currently doing as humankind, so why aren’t we all impact investing? Why aren’t we all taking into account what the effects are of the choices we make? Interesting questions to ask and get worried about. Of course I don’t like the stressed part and I focus more on the positive opportunities that are available to get other people enthusiastic and ready to make steps in the right direction.

As for myself, by getting involved in impact investing, seeing the opportunities and by reading books from Yuval Noah Harari and Jed Emerson I reframed some of these questions to a more personal level. Great that I am supporting impact through Wire Group, but am I living impactfully myself? Do I know what the effects of choices are that I make? Shouldn’t I change my life more radically?

Hard questions to answer, and definitely more difficult than the questions I asked myself before joining Wire Group. Somehow at that time I wasn’t so much concerned about this. Save to say I don’t have all the answers at this moment, and Wire Group doesn’t have the answers either. It feels sometimes uncomfortable, but I am happy, because I know that with Wire Group I will get a chance to explore the answers, raise new questions and share our findings. Our search for Conscious Wealth is about raising questions, searching for answers and in the meanwhile striving for the best solutions!

Interested to meet, discuss or share thoughts around anything of the above…don’t hesitate to contact me.

For now, best wishes!


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